Staff Members


Hannah J.

Executive Director

The Executive Director oversees our staff, as well as all of the various programs and individual counseling that we provide.

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Bonita D.


Bonita has been a dedicated employee for an abundance of years and is available for individual counseling and support, with some evening and weekend hours. She also runs the Tuesday and Thursday night support group meetings.

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Linda M.

Administrative Assistant

Linda assists in payroll, finances of the shelter, and book keeping for the shelter and our programs.

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Danielle C.

Domestic Violence Victim Legal Advocate

Danielle can help you petition the court for a PPO, accompany you to court and answer questions about the court procedures. She will help safety plan with you and do crisis intervention. Danielle will help with any and all showcause paperwork for a PPO violation, as well as be your advocate with the Prosecuting Attorney's office if it goes that far.

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Olivia G.

Shelter and Youth Advocate/Prevention Educator

Olivia can assist you with any concerns you have about your children. She can also assist with parenting concerns. Olivia takes on a lot of programs in the community and is available by appointment for children's advocacy. Olivia is also available by appointment to give presentations on domestic violence. This service may be provided to schools, business as well as other organizations in Hillsdale County.


Joyce F.

Volunteer Coordinator/Part Time Legal Advocate

Joyce is our Volunteer Coordinator. We have about 30 volunteers that cover hours when full staff is not here. She recruits, trains and schedules these community volunteers. Joyce also assists Danielle C. with helping clients obtain PPO's and helps assist in answering questions regarding court procedures.


Karen K. 

Weekend Worker

Karen is one of our weekend workers. Karen is here Friday through Sunday and completes the intakes of new residents, exits the ones leaving, handles the crisis hotline and any other duties assigned.


Teri & Cheri

Night Workers

Teri & Cheri sleep overnight at the shelter and are also available to assist you throughout the night when needed.