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*Photo taken by and in memory of Ms. Aimee England*

She was a dedicated employee and is missed by the entire staff of Domestic Harmony

Domestic Harmony is thankful for the support that we receive from our community members.  Our Annual Appeal is held annually and helps to keep our shelter operational.  Please consider becoming a member of Domestic Harmony.  Your support helps to provide free and confidential services to survivors of domestic violence. You may pay through the Paypal/Donate button or mail your check or money order payable to:

Domestic Harmony

P.O. Box 231

Hillsdale, MI  49242

*We rely on your generous support*

$1,000 – Mission Partner,  $500 – Patron,  $250 – Advocate
$100 – Supporter,  $50 – Friend,  $25 – Key Contributer

What this money can help do:

$25 May provide milk for two weeks for shelter residents.
$50 Can purchase 10 handbooks for abuse victims.
$100 Could purchase a gas card for 10 victims fortunate enough to have a car.
$125 Provides safe shelter for a victim and their four children for two nights.
$250 Could assist with costs to train new shelter volunteers.
$500 Provides safe shelter for one victim for 40 days to plan for a life free of violence.
$750 Can purchase perishable food for shelter residents for six months.
$1000 Will provide 20 nights of safe shelter for a survivor and their three children.

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