Board of Directors 

July 2021


Brianna Crall (2023)

Nominating Committee

Hillsdale Schools: Teacher

Chrissy VanKampen (2022)

Vice Chair / Nominating Committee

Jonesville Community Schools: Elementary Administrative Assistant

Anita Coe (2022)

Treasurer / Budget/Investments Committee

Jonesville Community Schools: School Bookkeeper

Jennifer Duff (2021)

Secretary / Budget/Investments Committee

Hillsdale High School Teacher

Shannan Clevenger (2023)

Personnel Committee

LifeWays Community Mental Health

Marie-Louise LaRue (2020)

Budget/Investment Committee

Preschool Teacher

Ashlee Rossman (2020)

Nominating Committee

DHHS Social Worker

Nichole Dunlap (2021)

Personnel Committee

School Social Worker

Cassandra Farmer (2021)

Personnel Committee

Hillsdale Community Schools

Allison Walker (2022)

Nominating Committee

Jonesville Community Schools

Nanette Hoburg (2022)

Personnel Committee

Hillsdale College - Manager of Alumni Events

Danna Woolsey (2022)

County National Bank

Budget/Investments Committee

Steve Rathbun (2023)

Hillsdale County Sheriff's Office

Nominating Committe